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One day driving on a highway, I passed a man standing on the side.

Frightened by the familial recognition, I pulled over ahead to collect myself.

A shiver ran through me. He was, other, alien, cast out, wandering the road in exile, my kin.

South side of W. 77th St & Amsterdam Ave, NYC
South side of W. 77th St & Amsterdam Ave, NYC
Silver Negative / Pigment Print
9 x 7"

I was torn between turning around to confront him: What do you want? Why can't you leave me alone? Why are you here? What do you need?

He was threatening. I needed to disengage with this relation of mine. i thought to free myself, I had to be killed, or he had to be killed. There seemed no other way.

In the meantime, I would hide out, tell no one about this ruination, and read Medea.