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As a child I imagined beauty and love all around me. In my dream world all was possible. But somehow as I grew the Little Match Girl came to life.

In the tale by Hans Christian Anderson, the Little Match Girl was sent out by her father to sell matches during the feast season. People rushing by were in a hurry to get home to celebrate and did not stop to buy matches.

Barefoot and so cold, she risked lighting a match from the bundle meant for selling. Her desire to be warm would surely cause blows from her father, but she struck a match and imagined what she did not have to keep warm.

In her imagination she sat at a table of richness eating succulent duck from fine porcelain. Her father and mother beamed at her with love. Each match was struck as she delighted in visions of richness and goodness.

When she had struck all the matches and there were none left, she froze to death.

Vestibule, Old South Church, Boston, MA
Vestibule, Old South Church, Boston, MA
Silver Negative / Pigment Print
9 X 6"