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Vintage photographs of people on the Coney Island, Brooklyn beach and boardwalk. 1970 - 1980

Blue Girl
14 x 9.5"
Boy with Chain
20 x 14"
10 x 8"

Coney Island

When I first arrived in New York City, I lived somewhere in the borough of Brooklyn. That would be 1965. Getting home after work from the West Village was a roll of dice. In the haste of rush hour, naive and confused, I often jumped on the first train that said “Brooklyn”. That train ride would go on for what seemed forever. The last stop was Coney Island on the southern tip on the sea’s edge. I was fascinated with this other world.

And then years later when I began teaching photography, the Coney Island Beach and Amusement Park became a favorite site to take my photography students on field trips. It was a place where people were willing to be photographed and the area was teeming with interesting types.

After class I would stay behind walking and hunting for my own images. I didn't see amusement, but I did see a tired humanity of immigrants and working-class families shedding the weight of their lives in the ocean breezes.